August 25, 2015

Sponsor a Girl

Girl and family

The Gift of Education

Sponsorship of $1200 per year (Approx $100/month) for four years will cover the cost of tuition, food, mattresses and bedding, uniforms, medicine, textbooks and field trip costs for your sponsored girl. If the cost of sponsoring a girl on your own appears daunting, you can also become a partial sponsor for $600 per year (Approx. $50/month) join together with family, friends, or coworkers to share the cost.

Four years of secondary school education are required for girls to receive their Malawi Secondary Certificate of Education (MSCE), so we encourage potential investors to consider re-investing in their girls each year to follow their sponsored student. Rome was not built in a day, but it was built because of shared vision and commitment to achieving something spectacular.

Investors, not Donors

At APU we view everyone who participates in our vision as investors rather than donors. There is a very important distinction to be made between donors and investors and we believe strongly that when you invest in human potential, particularly that of adolescent girls living in poverty, your investment is one that grows and strengthens with each coming year as our students move towards becoming independent women capable of creating change in their communities and families.

Student/Sponsor Matching & Communication

Our sponsors are matched with individual girls and are sent pictures and a biography of their sponsored student. Sponsored students will write to their sponsors twice a year, once in late November and again at the end of June.

We have recently changed our policy regarding communication between sponsored students and their sponsors as there has been a great deal of inequality and therefore jealousy between girls whose sponsors write to them, and those whose sponsors do not write (the majority of sponsors).

Unlike larger organizations, we simply do not have the capacity to administrate a large-scale communication effort and we choose to put our funding into education rather than the hiring of staff to attend to this effort. In order to equalize the communication between sponsor and student, sponsors are asked not to write letters to their girl(s). Rather, your girl will write to you!



(One Year, Single Payment)
$1200 total

(One Year, Monthly Payments)
$100/month, $1200 total

(One Year, Single Payment)
$600 total

(One Year, Monthly Payments)
$50/month, $600 total

Donate Now

Note: New sponsorship payments have been set for one year only, so you will have to renew your sponsorship on a yearly basis.

If you are renewing your sponsorship, please ensure that you cancel your previous PayPal “subscription/recurring payment” on your PayPal account. If you believe that you have had duplicate charges, or would like to have us cancel your previous “subscription/recurring payment,” please notify Lance Shaver at

Special Requests: If you are a continuing sponsor or partial sponsor and would like to provide information on how we may direct your donation towards a specific student or to be combined with another partial sponsorship, you may provide us with further information in this text box. If you have further questions about sponsorship, please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Christie Johnson, at for more information.


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