August 26, 2015

Teachers Training College

Atsikana Pa Ulendo (APU) Teachers Training College (TTC)

    The graduates of APU Secondary School for girls are desperately in need of further education that will allow them to be employed and thus financially independent upon completion of their tertiary education. Our first 72 graduates are graduating on June 25, 2011 and it is our plan to be able to offer them the hope that within the next couple of years, there will be an accredited Teachers Training College at APU that they can attend.

While many of our graduates have their sights set on receiving scholarships to attend the University of Malawi, the majority of our students will not achieve this goal. Many of them would be thrilled to become primary school teachers but there are simply not enough Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi to accommodate them. Having this facility right there on the APU campus would ensure that they receive training that has an assured job when they complete their studies. Most of these girls have long term sponsors who would be happy to continue sponsoring them for their two year teacher training program. The first year consist of coursework and the second year consist of a teaching practicum.

Malawi is badly in need of well qualified female primary school teachers and our girls are badly in need of jobs.  We feel that this is the best possible solution for our students.  

Our Teacher’s Training College, or the APU TTC, is scheduled to open in Sept 2014 with 60 students. This program will offer graduates of APU Secondary School the opportunity to become certified primary school teachers. The TTC program will include 12 months of coursework at the APU TTC followed by a year of practice teaching. The 2014 launch date is dependent on whether funding is found for the construction of the APU Legacy Building by August 2014.

    Thanks to the fundraising done by the Dawson Creek Interact Club and the Women Helping Women Initiative in Victoria, we have already managed to construct student housing for our future Teachers Training College candidates

4 thoughts on “Teachers Training College

    • Hi Martha,

      The TTC has been put on hold for the present time. Although this decision was made before I joined the board at the end of 2014, I believe I have an understanding of the reasons that this decision was made. This was done to address changing needs at the school, which identified that the construction of a primary school was a greater need to be addressed, helping teachers/staff, and members of the community by providing their children the ability to attain a quality education while allowing them to continue to live together. Many had to send their children away, or could not bring their families with them to APU. It was recognized that having a primary school would help attract and retain quality staff.

      The TTC is still in our program definition, and it is still a goal of our organization and we hope that we can make it happen soon!

      – Lance Shaver

    • Hello Dorothy,

      I believe the plan for the TTC is to be available for all applicants, when it is opened, but currently the school is focusing efforts on finishing the primary school and our Legacy Building to reduce the burden on our facilities and staff of being over our current student capacity. Once this is resolved, the TTC will go forward and the administration will have to decide what they think is best for the TTC and the school.

      Hope this helps.

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