August 24, 2015


Message from our Founders:

“It has now been 10 years since Memory shared with me her dream of opening a school for girls in rural Malawi. These years have been filled with hard work and extreme challenge as well as joy and great achievement. The school that has grown up during this period of time has become one of Malawi’s best schools for girls and can boast an academic record equal to the best schools in the country, all the while catering largely to girls who are coming from backgrounds of extreme poverty and hardship. Almost 400 young women have graduated, impacting families, villages, and communities throughout Malawi.

We have only managed this feat with the help of hundreds of champions who have supported us financially through sponsoring our girls and helping to fund the construction of our buildings. Many of these champions are Rotarians and Rotary Clubs, school children, businesses, and the families and friends of our board members both in Malawi and in Canada. Memory and I have you, our champions, to thank. Like us, you believe that education is the greatest force for change that we know. It is the key to combating poverty. It is the key to promoting the human rights that are often denied to young women living in poverty. Thanks to all of you who have believed in our vision and have made APU a force for change in Malawi.”

Memory & Christie



Christie Johnson


Memory Mdyetseni

Read Memory’s 2015 interview in Malawi’s The Nation.


Christie (Left), Henry (Centre), and Memory (Right)



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