August 24, 2015

Why Girls?

“The Girl Effect”

The Power of Girls with an Education….


The Effect of Gender Inequalities

Devaluation of Girls & Costly Education

The majority of girls drop out of school after receiving free primary education. They are devalued and deemed unworthy of financial support because of gender bias, leaving their remarkable potential wasted. With 50.7% of Malawians living below the poverty level, education fails to be seen as a priority.

Family Poverty Interferes with Education

Girls lucky enough to avoid becoming orphans are expected to aid their family with childcare, food gathering, and household chores. With 80% of Malawians living in a rural area and 90% relying on agriculture for their livelihood, families cannot afford to consider the future potential of these girls when short-term survival is at risk.

Vulnerable to Discrimination & Exploitation

Most girls experience sexual harassment and assault from male peers and teachers as early as Grade 5. Cultural practices often push girls into early, isolated, and abusive marriages, complicated childbearing, and vulnerability to illness and HIV/ADIS. Ultimately, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated down each generation.


Largely in part due to dated cultural practices, these girls are left without a voice. Once married, they are isolated and unsupported, with little to no voice to demand their rights. In fact, they have no idea that they have any rights.

Cycle of Poverty

Illness and abuse continues, not only for them but for the children they will bear and raise.

Poor Quality of Life

Not only these girls, but their future children, will be susceptible to poverty, poor health, HIV/AIDS and lifelong physical exploitation.



Empowerment through Education

Girls who receive an education will be empowered through their learned skills
and knowledge to overcome these obstacles and change their world and their communities.

If you want to change the world, invest in an adolescent girl:
in her hands, the world will be a beautiful thing.


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