Brilliant Exam Results at APU Malawi

Christie has announced some wonderful news from APU Malawi:
The results for both the Junior Certificate Exam (JCE) and Malawi School Certificate Exam (MSCE) have been published. Our teachers and students at APU are celebrating their amazing success.  Although the results for the JCE were made available in September, the results for the MSCE were only made public yesterday.
These exams were written by last year’s Form 2 and Form 4 students in June 2012.  
APU Form 2 students achieved a 100% pass rate on their Junior Certificate Exams.  The national pass rate was 66%.
APU Form 4 students achieved a 91% pass rate on their MSC Exams.  77 APU students wrote this exam and 71 of them passed.  The national pass rate was just 51%.  Not only did 91% of our girls pass, but they passed with grades that are far higher than our last year results, putting APU on the map as one of the top girls’ schools in the country.  
This class of 77 girls started Form 1 at APU in our second year of operation.  Every one of these students was on full scholarship and were selected out of thousands of applicants.  This selection process was not based on academic achievement, but on the fact that they had all demonstrated courage and determination in their quest to remain in school despite their stories of hardship, orphanhood, poverty and in many cases, abuse.  The fact that these girls have achieved grades equal and superior to students attending the best government and private schools in the country is truly astounding.
APU teachers have a great deal to be proud of.
Thanks everyone for your continued support!

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