Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

On Saturday Oct 30th, our Form 4 class of 101 students celebrated the culmination of four years of secondary schooling at APU, by sitting down together with their teachers for a special meal.  The girls had prepared skits, poems, songs and speeches all of which were performed with the gusto and enthusiasm which has been the hallmark of this class for the past four years.  

This cohort of students is our 10th class to graduate from APU!
This group of young women now take their place with our other 800+ alumni who are changing the face of Malawi. APU graduates are primary and secondary school teachers, nurses, agriculture extension workers, accountants, and police women.  They have earned a reputation country-wide for their solid work ethic, personal integrity, and leadership skills.  And perhaps most significantly, APU students who have not managed to complete their Form 4 or pass their M.S.C.E, are still rising to leadership roles within their villages and communities, organizing women’s farming cooperatives, running popular preschool programs out of their homes, and providing mentorship to their siblings and fellow women.  

Looking back 10 years, our theme song written by our first graduating class of 2011, ‘We’ll Never Be The Same Again’, is as true now as it was then.
Dreams Do Come True.  

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