Construction Update at APU Malawi

Laboratory North View
APU Project Manager Henry Mdyetseni and his locally-trained labour crew are working almost beyond their capacity to complete four parallel construction projects. Their goal is to complete these projects by Sept 2012.
The science lab, begun in 2010, is now 75% complete. The funds for the completion of this building were recently donated by a couple in Victoria who wish to remain anonymous. Our students and science teachers are eagerly awaiting the completion of this building so that they can enjoy learning science through hands-on experimentation in their new lab. In addition to donating towards the construction, this same couple donated an extra $10,000 to be put towards the purchase of science equipment for the lab.
Staff Duplex #3 is already 60% complete. This is incredible progress, as this building was only just begun in March. Henry and his team have been moving full steam ahead on this building as it must be ready by the end of August in order to satisfy the requirements of the grant that helped fund the building. The funds for this building have been provided by the Rotary Club of Lethbridge. Being able to provide APU’s teachers with good quality housing will make a huge difference in APU’s ability to attract high quality teachers who are willing to bring their families to the rural school.
Hostel #5, an $80,000 building, is now 80% complete. The first $20,000 for this building came from the fundraiser held last June by the Women Helping Women group in Victoria.

Finally, the most urgent and demanding project that is being tackled at APU is the installation of the third and deepest well, as well as the construction of a second water tower. APU has been suffering from a severe water shortage due to the fact that the original wells were not producing a high enough volume of water for the school’s water needs. Three Rotary Clubs on Vancouver Island: Sooke, West Shore, and the Oak Bay Rotary Club, have donated more than half of the funds needed for this project. With this 100-metre-deep well in place, we know that APU’s water needs will be taken care of well into the future.  Thank you Rotary!

Hostel – West View
Southern View
Teachers’ House from front

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