August 4, 2016

Current Projects

Brick by Brick Construction

Our vision is to bring high quality education to poor girls in the rural areas to give them the very best chance of achieving their dreams and becoming self sufficient, independent leaders in the future. Visit our Brick by Brick Construction page if would like to learn more about our vision, sourcing of materials and labour, and past projects.

Priority Projects

‘Brick by Brick’ Finish The School Campaign

Atsikana Pa Ulendo (Girls On The Move) Education Project in Malawi is preparing to GRADUATE! We are just three years from realizing our dream of becoming an independent and self-sustaining school that will be able to offer 120 scholarships per year without relying on donor funds! By any standard, particularly in the realm of international development, this will be a ground-breaking achievement.

After only 12 years, APU has grown from a rag tag class of 80 girls learning without desks, sleeping on the floor, cooking over a fire, and bathing from water pumped from a borehole well, to a school of over 400 students and 640 alumni, running water, electricity, 22 buildings, and national exam pass rates equal to the best schools in the country.

As our project name suggests, Girls On The Move Education Project is truly on the move, in every possible way. Over these past 12 years, our students have moved from marginalized and oppressed little girls, to powerful women who are agents of personal and societal change. Our leadership team members are internationally recognized and respected leaders whose dream has become reality. Our school has moved from being a remote plot of undeveloped land, to a mature campus that can boast outstanding construction, and a place of rare inspiration and beauty. And possibly, most important for the long-term success of the project, APU has moved from being a project fully dependent on donated funds, to that of independence and self-reliance.

Projects of our ‘Brick by Brick’ Campaign to Finish the School

Project Description Estimated Cost
Student Hostel #7 $90,000
Student Hostel #8 (OUR FINAL HOSTEL!) $90,000
Staff Duplex #5 Approx $60,000
Staff Duplex #6 (OUR FINAL STAFF DUPLEX!) Approx $60,000

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Recent Projects

Student Hostel #6

Thanks to the generous support of our many sponsors, APU has secured funding for a 6th student hostel, which will bring our student capacity from 320 to 360!This hostel brings much relief to the students of APU, in addition to additional revenues from private student tuition that will help the school become self-sustaining. However, due to the ever-growing demand of an APU-education, we believe it is necessary to expand our capacity further by building a seventh hostel.Update: As of summer 2018, the hostel was 98% complete and the total costs for the build came under budget at $78,000!


Legacy Building: Phase II

ImageAPU is halfway to having a building that can house our library, computer lab, administrative offices, medical clinic, library, and more. This building has been a long time in coming and is badly needed, as currently, our library, staffroom and computer labs are all taking up critically needed classroom space. Needless to say, we just can’t wait to finish this project!The construction of the Legacy Building is our most challenging and exacting project undertaken so far at APU. When it is completed, it will change the entire feel of the school from one of ‘pioneering and making do’ to that of a complete and high -functioning school. We will no longer be limping along, squished into shared classroom space. Our teachers will have the preparation and meeting space that they deserve and our administrators will finally be able to have offices.
With many thanks to all of our individual and group donors, we have successfully raised all the funds necessary for the construction of the 2nd phase of our Legacy Building. We expect the construction of the Legacy Building Phase 2 to be finished and fully operational in 2018—both students and teachers are excited for everything that this building brings to their campus.THANK YOU!

To Date, We’ve Raised:
$150,000 of $150,000