Friend Development Committee Report, March 2012

Here’s a summary of what’s been happening over the past little while:
  • 1500 people heard presentations by Henry Mdetseni (Project Manager at APU in Malawi) and Christie Johnson (Executive Director, APU-MEF Canada) during the month of February.  Hundreds of these people are current or past donors who were very eager to receive an update about APU.
  • Everyone who has contributed to the sponsorship of an APU student since 2007 received a letter of thanks that included, where possible, letters from their students and current pictures of their students.
  • Everyone who has contributed to APU construction (including electricity, wells, etc.) since 2007 received a letter of thanks and an update about the school’s progress to date.
  • Every Rotary Club that has contributed to APU has received a detailed letter reporting on their contributions to date, an 8” by 10” 2011 Gradation Photo, and a carefully written request for further funding.
  • Every Rotary Club that Henry and Christie visited has received a follow-up letter, including a request for funding.
  • APU Photobooks have been distributed to Sheila Haywood, Anne McClellan, and the Interact Club of Dawson Creek.

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