August 25, 2015

Get Involved

At APU we view everyone who participates in our vision as investors rather than donors. There is a very important distinction to be made between donors and investors and we believe strongly that when you invest in human potential, particularly that of adolescent girls living in poverty, your investment is one that grows and strengthens with each coming year as our students move towards becoming independent women capable of creating change in their communities and families.


Anyone who qualifies for membership under the Bylaws of the Foundation (shown below) is entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Foundation upon completion of the Membership Application Form available on the home page of our website at

APU Malawi Education Foundation Bylaws – Reference Bylaw 4.0 Membership.

  1. A person who supports the purpose of the society may apply to the directors for membership in the society and, on acceptance by the directors, is a member until   the conclusion of the second Annual General Meeting of the society following the date of acceptance.
  2. A person who makes a financial contribution towards the sponsorship of one or more students will be automatically accepted as a member upon receipt of a completed membership application form from that date until the conclusion of the second Annual General Meeting of the society following the most recent receipt of the donated funds.

Click below to download our membership application form:

1 thought on “Get Involved

  • Your doing good job.but me too lam looking for sponsors like you to assist me at Mzuzu University.lam a girls and lam failing to pay my school fees because the one who was responsible to pay school fees died.lam ODL student doing e ducation science.

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