January 24, 2016

Host a Fundraiser

At APU we talk about ‘Brick By Brick’ fundraising and that is exactly what it is.  A brick can be made right on the school site for 5 cents. Each donation of any size translates directly into bricks and other locally manufactured materials, local labour, and all of the trappings that go into running a school from mosquito nets, mattresses and uniforms to textbooks, microscopes and teachers salaries.  Currently we have over 120 sponsors that are committed to paying $1200 per year for four years to enable their sponsored girls to complete her education.  Some of our sponsors are children, some are grandparents, and some are Rotary Clubs, schools and youth leadership clubs such as Interact Clubs.  These donors are the ‘bricks and mortar’ that are making this dream possible.  Our project is completely grassroots both within Canada and in Malawi.  Our donors are people who believe that investing in girls education can and does change a nation.

Brick By Brick Construction Donors who donate more than half of the funds for any particular building have an engraved bronze plaque attached to the building that they have helped to construct.

Interested in Holding Your Own Fundraiser?

We are a grass-roots organization and a large portion of our funds are raised by donors like yourselves. Please contact our Executive Director, Christie Johnson, at support@malawigirlsonthemove.com and we would be happy to help you choose a project to support and get your fundraiser started.