Goodbye Agogo – You will be missed

It is with deep sadness we inform you of the death of APU Malawi’s greatest benefactor and friend, Agogo to all the girls at APU, Ken Haywood. Ken died in Edmonton on November 25th at the age of 83 years. An active Rotarian, Ken was moved by Christie and Memory’s desire to establish a secondary school for girls in Malawi. Using his remarkable networking and communication skills, he rallied behind them, encouraging others to follow his example and to give generously to the cause. What you have read in previous posts here is largely due to Ken’s unfailing devotion to APU Malawi. All of us at APU Malawi send condolences to Ken’s wife Sheila and his family. We will all miss his leadership, his integrity, and his love. 

Project Manager in Malawi, Henry Mdyetseni, has written this poem for Ken. 

Ode For Ken

Though i never saw you
I felt your presence
Though  I never met you
 I heard your eloquence.
Though I never faced you
I got to know your mind
As if your thoughts were carried in the wind

When we started the journey

You took the first step
When the road was rough
You made us laugh
When the climb got steep
You gave a tip
When it was impossible
You did the plausible

Goodbye Ken 

Goodbye Agogo
See you then
Rest not in Agony
And when things got tight
You fought with your life


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