Maness speaks to Vancouver Rotary Clubs

Maness receiving a certificate of appreciation
from the President of Richmond Sunset.

The following is a report by APU MEF Director, David Stocks, on speaking engagements Maness Samuel, an APU graduate who is presently a student at Lester B. Pearson College, had with two  Vancouver Rotary Clubs. 
Maness addressed the Rotary Club of Burnaby Metrotown at their noon meeting. The Secretary of the Trustees of APU Malawi, Nahid Mazloum, happened to be in Vancouver so she attended. It was a pleasure to watch Nahid and Maness meeting each other for the first time. Afterward, Nahid sent an email that included: “I am so grateful you provided this opportunity for me to be present when Maness had her presentation; it was impressive and I will surely talk about this experience with our Board of Trustees when I get back home. Thank you again…please extend my loving greetings to…MEF APU members.”
In the evening, Maness addressed the Rotary Club of Richmond Sunset. Past District Governor, Dean Rohrs, and her husband Rhino attended. They lived in Blantyre, Malawi’s commercial centre, for many years. Rhino spoke a few words of Chichewa to Maness, which delighted her. During the Q&A period, Dean spoke about the typical conditions from which students like Maness have come. Dean’s point was that Maness was illustrating the tremendous growth potential of the young women of Malawi.
Maness is eager to do more fundraising, so Frances and I are planning to take her back to Vancouver during the week of May 27-29. We may go a day or two earlier so Maness can enjoy some touristy things .

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