Notice to Sponsors

Since opening the school in 2008, we have set our scholarships at $1000 per student per year.  We are now finding that this is not enough to cover the cost of some of the additional expenses that our scholarship girls struggle to pay.  These expenses include personal bedding ($60), 2 complete sets of the school uniform ($50 each) and learning materials including exercise books and pens ($40). 

For current sponsors, we are asking that any sponsors who would like to provide these materials for their sponsored student please donate an additional $200 per year.  This means that the real cost of a full scholarship is $1200, or $100 per month.  If you choose not to increase your donation, please do not worry about your sponsored student as we will fundraise for these additional costs so that all of our sponsored girls are given a complete uniform, 2 blankets, and adequate learning material at the beginning of year school year.

For new and returning sponsors, we will be updating the sponsorship amounts going forward. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director Christie Johnson by email, at



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