Photos from Lilongwe

Choir Practice

Here’s a short report just received from Christie who is at APU presently; she was rushing off to an APU Board Meeting:

  • The aerial photography happened yesterday.  Much vomiting on board the ‘Little Red Devil’ as Henry has named the small plane we hired.  A great stir of excitement for the girls and everyone who witnessed the fly by! I’ll share the photos of this as soon as our photographer gives them to me. On board was a laborer, a student, a teacher, myself and Henry, our photographer George Ntonya, and two pilots. It was a day that will never be forgotten by our APU girls, the plane riders, or the hundreds, if not thousands of villagers, who flocked to APU to witness the occasion.
  • Henry, Memory and I visited the DAPP Teachers Training College and spoke in depth with the project manager, the principal, and two of the teachers.  Great news on this front!
  • Board Meeting today.
  • Much work still to do with graduation preparation. Excitement is extremely high as we move towards the 25th. 
Memory and Little Trevor
Practice for Aerial Photo
Gweneth at Assembly
Cafeteria Front View
APU Tree Farm
Science Lab Front View
Cafe back view
Staff Duplexes
Staff Duplex #1 Front View
Hostel Apartment
Three Class blocks
APU Carpentry Shops
New bunk bed

Preparing Students for Canada

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