November 25, 2015

Priority: APU Water Expansion Project

In 2013, APU had WASRAG – Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group – come to APU to advise us on how to improve our water system. They drilled a very deep well and also had a solar pump and panels installed. It is this system that is currently keeping APU going, but with the growth of the school, combined with the increased rationing of electricity in Malawi, it is no longer sufficient to meet our needs. Malawi is having a country-wide crises with regards to electricity. As a result, APU only gets electricity for 4 hours a day. Our electrical water-pump is unable to pump enough water to meet the needs of the school.

Currently we have two wells. One well is using an electrical pump and one well is using a solar pump.  Without the solar pump, which is able to pump for 9 hours a day, APU would be having to truck water in at huge cost. To solve our water problems, we need to drill a third well that would use a solar pump.  We would also need to purchase storage batteries and additional solar panels so that we can pump water through the night.


We Did It! Thank You!
$10,440 of $10,440



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