The Third Annual Women Helping Women Garden Party! JUNE 2 from 2 till 5, 1220 TRANSIT ROAD

June 2012
In the past two years, together we have raised close to $50,000 for Atsikana Pa Ulendo and we are hoping this year to raise enough money to start development on the Legacy Building. We have girls who have finished their secondary schooling who despite their excellent results continue to have few opportunities. Some of them have been offered places in college but they simply cannot afford to attend. What better way to help than to give them a place to study and also a profession that they can take with them to serve others. There is a shortage of primary teachers in Malawi so with this certification opportunities for employment are fairly certain.
This is where we need your help!
Please join us on June 2 for the 3rd Annual Women Helping Women Garden Party. 
Come and hear an update from Christie on developments from the girls’ school; Maness will also be joining us and has some exciting news to share.
If we can start construction very soon we will have a place for these girls to continue their education. The opportunity to continue is life changing. They have hope and choice for their future; they can take their teaching credentials to their village. The entire picture is different with this opportunity.
Enjoy complimentary cocktails, a dynamic silent auction while sharing a lovely afternoon with incredible women…Bring your mothers, sisters, daughters and friends and your wallets!
Together we can make this happen! 
Sarah Beeston, Laurie Parker, Bonnie Davidson, Jane Rees, Dariol Haydock, Elizabeth Rodford, Alison Weir, Michelle Driscoll, Tanya Lee, Gillian Donald, Susan Vachon, Becky Anderson, Lori Adam
DATE: Sunday June 2
TIME: 2:00 to 5:00 pm
ADDRESS: 1220 Transit Road

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