Update: Our Progress with the Rotary Global Grant

Dear supporters of APU,

We wanted to give you a brief update on the progress that has been made on the work that was planned as a part of our $235,000 USD ($320,000 CAD) Global Grant from Rotary International

The below are images of work that is taking place at APU as we speak. All of these items below take us to 80% of the grant and we’ll need to wait for Cadre (inspection) by Rotary International before the 60 new computers and electronic equipment for the classrooms.

Teacher training on use of the technology continues in September.

THANK YOU to Rotary International and our Rotary partners in Canada and Malawi who have made all of this possible

Solar Panel Installation Project

This is a $106,000 USD component of the project and will cover much of the campus including houses.

Arrival of the Solar Panels

Arrival of the Solar Panels

Installation of the solar panels

Installation of the solar panels

Installation of the solar panels


Solar Powered Field Lights


Batteries for Solar Power System

One of the Inverters for Solar Power System


New Curriculum Books

Because of the new curriculum in Malawi all books required replacement. Cost $33,000 USD includes new books for each of the 4 forms, for each subjects, and 80 books per subject.

Books for new curriculum

Arrival of New Gas Cookers

Arrival of the gas cookers to replace the electric cookers, uncrating, pallet of the heating oil and the gas tank install. Cost $18,000 USD

Pallet of heating oil for the new cookers

Unloading the crates with the gas cookers

New Gas Cookers

400 New Student Lockers

Arrival of the 400 lockers to provide security for girls “stuff” Cost $22,615 USD

Arrival of 400 Student Lockers

Arrival of 400 Student Lockers

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  • I am very impressed with the Atsikana Paulendo Project. The fruits of this project is far reaching because it directly addresses the imbalances which exists between girls and boys education in Malawi. The emphasis on quality is exceptional

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