Canadian Charitable Status Achieved

Good News!

Atsikana Pa Ulendo Malawi Education Foundation has been successful in its application for Registered Charitable Status!  Our BN/Registration Number is 808514657RR0001.

Our transition from the Sooke Rotary Community Organization (SRCO) will take place over the next six weeks.  All donation cheques can now be made out to the APU Malawi Education Foundation rather than SRCO.  Donations made on line will automatically be redirected to APU-MEF on or before June 30th.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to SRCO for the role it has played in ensuring financial accountability to our donors over the past six years.

Christie Johnson
Executive Director

1 thought on “Canadian Charitable Status Achieved

  • This is a very pathetic sutiation over there in Zambia, though I’m not too surprise because I know that most African countries lacks all these things. How on earth with 44 surgeon serve a population of 13million? Is that insane? Sorry to use that word,’insane: just because I’m touch with sutiation like this. God bless you for the initiative you’re taking to assist African countries. I’m an African too, so I see how these things are around here in Nigerian too though not so pathetic to that level but African countries just have to wake up to the reality.Thank you for the information.

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