Progress Report – Nine Successful Years

Progress by the Numbers
• 15 year partnership with Memory
• 9 years of operation
• 5 graduation ceremonies
• 382 girls have graduated
• 375 – the number of APU graduates who have earned their MSCE Certificates.
• 198 – the number of girls who would have earned their MSCE if APU were a ‘typical’ school in Malawi.
• 750 young women have been enrolled at APU to date
• 175 graduates are employed and supporting their families
• 110 actively studying at the post-secondary institutions throughout Malawi including university and college degree and diploma programs as well as Teacher Training Colleges.
• 100 % – the teacher retention at APU last year! This shows major progress with regards to teacher retention – this is our first year to have such high retention.
• Countless – the number of parents asking for a place for their daughters at APU, despite tuition increases.
• 3 wells equipped with solar and electrical pumps
• 3 composting toilets
• 17 buildings constructed in 9 years
• 57 – the number of Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs who have supported us over the years.

Academic Success
• Consistent 100% on JC Examinations
• Consistently over 97% pass rate with a pass rate of 99% this year on MSCE and 100% last year. Country pass rate hovers around 50%
• This year, an astounding 30 students out of a class of 90 were selected for placement at the University of Malawi. APU has become well-known at post-secondary schools throughout the country and our graduates are wonderful ambassadors of our school.

A look at our Finances
We have $70,000 in the construction budget. We expect to raise an additional $55,000 before the end of June. If this projection is correct, and if we decide that this is the best use of these funds, given other competing and emergent needs, we could complete the Legacy Building with $10,000 left over.

In general, we are raising less construction money than we have in the past and our rate of construction has slowed down considerably over the past couple of years. This is partly due to the fact that the urgency for essential buildings was extremely high in the first 6 years. Now we are constructing when and if we have the funds. However, our needs at the school are still high and there are always emergent needs that we must be prepared for.

We have $66,000 in the operating budget – bringing us to the end of August. We have a cushion of 7 months. If donation projections hold true, we should finish the year with $50,000, equivalent to a six-month cushion. In other words, at this rate, we are just holding our own.

The outlook with regards to our general financial position is similar to that of the past two years. At the end of January during the past two years, we were also six months ahead with our operating budget. We were raising more, but we also needed to do so because we were responsible for more scholarships.

Each year, as we move closer to the 1:3 ratio of scholarship to private students, our MEF sponsorships diminish. In our fourth year of operation, we were responsible for 260 scholarships and were sending $260,000 over the course of the year. This year, we are responsible for 110 scholarships. Presently we have 100 scholarships.

Diminishing MEF Scholarships Revenue Source

(MEF, Private, Locally generated)

We are now saturated with private students, at 35%. In order to keep the MEF scholarship “line” going down, APU Malawi Trust has to take over those scholarships. This will be more difficult than in the past, so the “line” will not be dropping off at the same rate. Two private students will cover the cost of one scholarship student.

Capital Projects 2015
• Primary School Playground
• 3 Composting Toilettes
• Purchase of a school bus
• Construction of a small Guest House (Lori’s house!)
• Completion of the Primary School Classblock #1
• Completion of Phase 1 of our Legacy Building
• Water Upgrade Project begun – a third well drilled and fitted with solar and electrical pumps. Thanks to Dean Rohrs and Rotary.
• Solar Project begun – outfitted classrooms and hostels with solar panels.

Capital Projects 2016 – Projected
• Security Project – $15,000
• Solar Project #2
• Legacy Building Phase 2 – bringing us closer to being able to move forward on our vision of a Teacher Training College.
• Primary School Classblock #2 – $35,000 if funds available, this will be on wish list.

New and Upcoming Initiatives
• Professional Development opportunities for APU teacher(s) at the University of Lethbridge – Wyson Ndhlovu 7 month placement. Thanks to Pat Killoran and the president of the Rotary Club of Lethbridge! Memory reports that all are thrilled about the professional development taking place.
• Speaking tour in June for Christie and Esther (Esther will return to Malawi end of June.)
• Memory and Maness to speak at Zone Institute in Winnipeg in Sept 2016. Thanks to Dean Rohrs!
• Planning an application to use Rotary Global Grants to aid in funding non-construction needs over the next few years. Also thanks to Pat for his leadership on this.

Challenges and Goals at the school
• Hunger and looming famine through to April in surrounding community with potential security risks. Memory and Henry think it will be more serious than in the past.
• Accommodation for teachers and students. Presently only eight are accommodated
• Student health. Some are still having to share beds.
• Professional Development funds for teachers and administration
• Teaching/Learning Supplies
• Library Books
• Science Equipment
• Sports Equipment

Challenges and Goals of MEF
• Improve our donor relations, including reporting back to donors and timely communication with sponsors. Hanging on to current sponsors and find new ones!
• Raising of funds for necessary infrastructure
• Raising funds for contingency planning and emergent/urgent needs.

• Dawson Creek Interact Club – $200,000+
• Women Helping Women – $125,000
• Rotary Club of Lethbridge – $150,000 + Professional Development hosting at University of Lethbridge.
• RC of St. Albert, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Sooke, Oak Bay, and West Shore and Sydney By The Sea
• Anonymous Donor  – $130,000
• Circle of Women $82,000
• 300 organizations or individuals + Sponsors
• Current and Past Board Members both in Canada and in Malawi – particular thanks to our two newest board members in Canada, Lance Shaver and Dean Rhors

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