APU Founder & Student at Rotary Zone Institute


Rotary International President 2016-17 John F. Germ (left) and his wife, Judy, APU Founder Memory Mdyetseni, APU Graduate Maness, and RI Director/APU Director Dean Rohrs (right).

APU Founder, Memory Mdyetseni, and student, Maness, had the wonderful opportunity to present at the Rotary Zone 24-32 Institute in Winnipeg on September 29-October 1st. There were 450+ participants, including 200+ past district governors, present an future, Rotary International President John F. Germ, two Rotary Foundation trustees, and two Rotary directors – including APU MEF Director Dean Rohrs.

The stories they shared were emotional and inspiring, exemplifying the real work and successes of those on the ground in Malawi. Memory will remain in Canada until the end of October, continuing to share her story of APU with Rotary Clubs and other organizations.

Rotary International President 2016-17 John F. Germ and Memory Mdyetseni share an emotional hug following the presentation by Memory and Maness.

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