The Girls are Back

Eager to return to school
From Lori Messer, volunteering at APU
It was not long after the sun rose on Sunday, September 6th that the girls began to arrive and they were still coming as the red sun began to sink in the sky. A long, long day for APU staff. Almost every staff member was involved in some aspect of the process. 
Young men strapped bulging bags on their bicycles to assist the students coming by public transport, parking lot attendants directed traffic, and mothers balanced heavy suitcases on their heads down the pathways to the hostels. In the staff room everything was running like clockwork. Stations were set up around the room to accommodate every aspect of registration from fee payment to course selection. In another classroom, piles of fresh uniforms awaited first time students. APU is suddenly alive with excitement and promise.
As APU’s reputation for excellence grows, demand far outstrips the number of available places. APU national exam results soar above the average for other secondary schools. Many graduating students are receiving college and university scholarships. The teaching staff is maturing into a strong team that is passionate about the APU mission. Memory’s dream is not only successful, it is thriving!

Without the help of generous donors these girls would not have this opportunity to build a strong future. Thank you so much for your continuing support. 

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