Fun and Games at the APU Sports Day

Where could you see a teacher grab the back of a bike seat with his teeth, raise the bike in the air and carry it the length of the dining hall and back?

and then if that isn’t astonishing enough, where could you find a student who could match this feat?

Answer: at the APU School Sports Day! This feat was one of the highlights of a day filled with some familiar events, like the limbo competition:

a tug-o-war

and the old favourite egg and spoon race.
And some races that emerge directly from the local culture like the bucket race

and the water bottle race

Others where you wonder exactly what they’re doing

until you look a little closer!
Or you catch them looking hungrily at the fresh scones

that they have to rip out of the plastic with their teeth – hands tied behind their back


But for all the excitement of all the events nothing beats the staff-student football game.
The staff team got all duded up and pulled in a few stringers.
The students looked confidently nonchalant about it all.
When the first goal was scored the entire student population streamed onto the field screaming and hugging everyone in sight!
and then just as quickly they danced their way back to the sidelines.
It was bedlam! It was a blast! What a day!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, the students won – 2-1. The teachers are already plotting a rematch. They take football really seriously here.

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