A poem by Leah Phiri

Leah, one of Lori Messer’s library assistants, showed this to her one day. Lori liked it so much she asked her for a copy.
Work Towards Your Goals by Leah Phiri, APU student – Form 4
Your dreams are always yours
Fulfillments in your own hands
But if you want to live a regrettable life
Play now
Remember no one can tell you of what you want to become.
Your dreams are always with you
Just ask yourself how, when?
You can surely do it.
Do not be anxious of your dreams
But work towards them.
Your dreams are what you want to be in life.
If you dream without applying effort
Do not expect something to happen.
Remember there is no sweet without sweat
No harvest without planting

And so there are no achieved dreams without effort.

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