CIRCLE of WOMEN – Cerianne’s visit to APU

Cerianne Robertson of Harvard University ‘Circle Of Women’, visited APU in early June and wrote the following about her visit …

I obviously had a fantastic time and learned so, so much.  It became obvious to me that APU is not only providing an education for girls who may otherwise have little opportunity to attend secondary school but is also succeeding to teach the students to be leaders who believe in their own abilities, and even responsibility, to change their communities for the better.  I have not stopped telling everyone in Circle how wonderful the school is and how lucky we are to have found you!!

Thanks for your visit Cerianne!  The girls at APU were so happy to meet you and we are all thrilled by the new partnership that is beginning between Circle of Women and Atsikana Pa Ulendo (APU).

1 thought on “CIRCLE of WOMEN – Cerianne’s visit to APU

  • Cerianne makes a good point about the responsibility of the students to lead changes in their communities.
    What a beautiful sunset!

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