Circle of Women

   Circle of Women , a group of undergraduate students from Harvard University, has successfully approved their proposal to partner with APU!

This partnership includes the funding of Class Block #4, the fourth and final Class Block that was called for in the original project definition for APU Girls Secondary School. The estimated cost for this building is $65,000. The furnishing of this building is estimated at $5,000.  Depending on their fundraising success, Circle Of Women are hoping to have funds available so that construction of this building is begun in September, 2012.
Cerianne Robertson, Director of Circle Of Women Think Tank, visited APU from May 29th through to June 4th. The purpose of her trip is was:
          a) to collect more information for impact assessment purposes,
          b) get a better sense of how they might be able to continue a partnership with APU in the future &
         c) to learn more from APU’s model as a young but extremely successful school for girls.  Cerianne’s visit was greatly appreciated by Memory, Henry and the students and we look forward to our developing relationship with Circle Of Women!

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