Disappointment for APU’s first graduating class, the class of 2011 … BUT THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!

APU was hoping to have at least 10 graduates from our first graduating class, the class of 2011, receive government scholarships to the University of Malawi. Sadly, only 2 of our girls, Tiyamike Brave (left), and Bridget Guzani (below), were awarded scholarships. 

It has been a long journey for the girls whose hearts were set on going to university. They wrote their MSCE (Form 4 national exams) in July 2011. Then they waited. They found out their results in October of 2011. Then they waited. They finally wrote their university entrance exams in March of 2012. They waited again. The names of the students selected to go to UNIMA (University Of Malawi) have just now been released. This news is heartbreaking to many of our APU graduates who, according to Henry, “poured their souls into their studies … they worked their lungs out …” in the hope of going to university.
This year, a total of 8507 candidates sat for the 2012 University Entrance Examination in Malawi. 6373 of these students candidates passed. Only 907 in the entire country have been granted government sponsorship to attend the university. Thankfully, this is NOT THE END OF HOPE for our graduates. We have a number of APU students who have earned the grades and the right to a university education. 
The university of Malawi is now inviting applications from qualified students capable of paying tuition. The closing date for these applications is Oct 9, just a couple of weeks away. 
Memory and Henry are going to advise some of their students to apply for self sponsored admission to the university in order to keep their options open. There is an outside possibility that sponsors, their villages or even their extended families might step up to cover the university tuition (approximately $2500 per year) for some of these girls. 
I believe that there is a way for these girls to attend university, and we all know that they deserve it. They have made it this far … why not keep going … after all … they are GIRLS ON THE MOVE!
If you are reading this post, and are interested in sponsoring one of our UNIVERSITY HOPEFULS, please contact us at support@malawigirlsonthemove.com.

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