Great news for APU graduate Maness

Maness has earned a full scholarship to attend a college in the USA.  Maness is committed to becoming a change-maker in her home community in Malawi and wants to pursue a degree that will give her the knowledge and skills that will allow her to improve the lives of girls and women living in poverty.  She has not yet decided on a program of study but is very interested in medicine, economics and political science.

Maness earned her scholarship largely due to her increasingly impressive portfolio, including her position as head girl at Atsikana Pa Ulendo Secondary School, her scholarship to study at Lester B. Pearson College, her strong academic performance, and the public speaking that she has done within Canada in advocating for girls education on behalf of APU.  Maness is becoming increasingly sought after as a speaker in Rotary Clubs and schools.
Maness has a powerful story to tell, and she tells it well.  She is living proof that education gives ‘Girls A Choice’ and ‘Gives Girls A Voice’.  We at APU Malawi Education Foundation look forward to following and supporting Maness as she pursues her degree, and we have no doubt that she will indeed become the change maker that she be seeks to be.
Congratulations Maness!

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