Meet the Grads

Ferister Kachingwe
Ferister graduated in 2014 and is pursuing a BSc in Horticulture at Bunda College. She is originally from Nsaru Trading Centre where APU is located. Looking forward to being “self-independent”‘ Ferister dreams of having her own business growing and selling fruits and vegetables and providing employment for other members of her community. She particularly liked the discipline of APU any felt protected and safe while at the school.

Fydes Bosten

Fydes Bosten graduated from APU in 2013. She is in her second year of a BSc in Horticulture. Fydes had ideas about improving crops when she was just a little girl but didn’t think they were possible due to challenges in her life. When she came to APU she realized that not only were they possible but that she “had the strength and skills to accomplish her dreams”. Patient and steady with a ready smile, Fydes is a natural mentor with the younger girls.

Ireen Harrison

Ireen Harrison graduated from APU in 2013. She is in her second year at Bunda College pursuing a BSc in Agriculture and specializing in seeding systems and crop production. Ireen eloquently describes how she has changed since she came to APU. “I didn’t have a future before I can here,” she said. “I thought I will marry, have a child, raise him and die. Now I speak English. When I have to speak in a group of people, I feel confident. I need to help those girls who don’t know who they are in life. Ireen’s dream is to have her own farm where she can apply her knowledge to run her own business and increase production by using more appropriate crops.

Racheal Banda

Racheal Banda graduated from APU in 2013. She is attending Bunda College in first year agriculture extension. Racheal attributes her confidence in speaking English and communicating and her ability to make decisions without relying on others to her years at APU. She is “especially looking forward to identifying and learning about the things that are impeding farmers from achieving maximum production”. Her dream is self-employment; owning her own farm and employing others in a supportive working environment.

Dinna Mwale

Dinna is animated and lively with an easy-going manner. She graduated from APU in 2011. Since graduation she has attended teaching college. After a few months of practice teaching, she decided that teaching was not for her and is currently in first year Agriculture Extension at Bunda College. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference by “advising farmers on the upcoming technologies which will ultimately improve their lives”.

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