Water Expansion Project 2016 – Report

Water Expansion Project ($12,000)
Funded by Rotary Clubs of Sidney By The Sea, Langley Central, and North Delta

Project included the drilling of a third well and the installation of a rural BP (mono) pump, which works using diesel or electricity (solar or from the grid). APU uses 45,000 L of water per day and our tank capacity is is 30,000 so we need to fill the tank 1 ½ times per day.

  • Using hydro (4 hrs of electricity/day) it takes 8 hours to fill and only works when the electricity is working!
  • Using solar it takes 16 hours to fill
  • Using diesel it takes 9 hours

The three wells working in tandem are easily supplying the needed 45,000 L every day.APU now has a very versatile system that can use solar when available, electricity when it is on, and diesel when all else fails. Project a major success!

Photos to come!

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